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Ellipsis can fix it's own mistakes by running your code before creating a PR

Adding a Dockerfile and commands will substantially increase the quality of the generated code. For example, if Ellipsis constantly suggests code that doesn't pass your linter, you can add a Dockerfile and a lint command (ex: npm run lint) and Ellipsis will run these commands before opening a PR. If the command fails, Ellipsis will fix the problem before continuing.

Here's an example config file:

version: 1.3
file: "ellipsis.Dockerfile"
- name: "lint_fix"
description: "Lints the code in fix mode, which will fix some errors, format some files, and throw and error when there are violations."
command: "npm run lint"
- name: "unit_tests"
description: "Runs the unit tests."
command: "npm run test"

Getting started

Set up takes 5 minutes using our web UI:

test docker screenshot

  1. Open the code UI

    • Open the console
    • Click "code" on the sidebar
    • Select your repository from the drop down.
  2. Add environment variables:

    • Only required if your project needs environment variables to run the commands!
    • Be sure to use dev env vars, not prod
  3. Add commands to your config file (left):

    • Commands are executed from the root of the repository and can lint, build, and even run your tests. Include whichever commands you would use while developing.
  4. Add a Dockerfile to your repository (right):

    • The file should install the dependencies and copy your code into the container. We build this from the root of the repository.
    • The Dockerfile needs to include the Git CLI.
    • Do not include an ENTRYPOINT or CMD.
    • Update your ellipsis.yaml to point to this file by adding file which is under build (see below)
  5. Test it

    • Click "Test build and commands"
    • Wait
    • If it fails, inspect the logs and fix the issue.
  6. Add to repository

    • Once the build passes, use the "Add to repository using PR" button to send the Dockerfile and config file to your repository.
    • Merge the PR
    • Now, Ellipsis will use these commands to fix it's own mistakes before opening a PR!!

If you run into problems, chat with us using the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.