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Installation takes 1 minute. Install on GitHub here, or install on GitLab (beta) here

  • Ellipsis works in any GitHub repository or GitLab project (GitLab support is in beta).
  • No IDE extensions required; we write, build, and test your code in the cloud.
  • Using Ellipsis for code generation works best when you provide a Dockerfile. Without it, we can't test the code we write!
  • Upon installation, we'll automatically review up to 3 of your most recent, open pull requests.
  • All future pull requests will be automatically reviewed.

We request limited permissions: a screenshot of the github permissions required to install Ellipsis, they're very limited and only include the permissions that is exactly required to review, summarize, and write code onbehalf of github users

Installing on BitBucket or Azure DevOps

Integrations with BitBucket and Azure DevOps are coming soon - contact us for get on the waitlist for early access.


To uninstall Ellipsis, follow these instructions.