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Ellipsis automatically reviews and summarizes Pull Requests.

PR review summary screenshot

Our code review AI can run and debug code, catching issues that traditional static code analysis tools can't.

Ellipsis will also add a summary to a pull request, meaning you don't have to spend time writing one yourself. If you upgrade to a paid plan, Ellipsis will update this summary on every commit. Otherwise, this'll run on the first commit in a pull request.

  • Ellipsis will automatically review any pull request that is published as or opened in the "ready to review" state.
  • You can customize the code review using a config file
  • Ellipsis will automatically update the title of a pull request if the initial title is ... (an ellipsis!), so feel free to be lazy.

Give Ellipsis Feedback

Ellipsis can learn from your feedback in order to improve, simply add 👍/👎 emojis to rate review comments. You can also optionally reply in the thread to be specific (no need to tag Ellipsis) - but remember to give 👍/👎 too. Ellipsis will take this into account in all future reviews (on this PR and on others).

Feedback screenshot

Hide previous reviews

On long-running PRs, lots of reviews can accumulate and cause clutter. While you can individually click on reviews to hide them, you can also have Ellipsis do it in bulk. If you ask Ellipsis something like "hide your old comments", it'll hide all its previous reviews to give you a clean slate.

For other ways to reduce clutter, see config options.

Feedback screenshot